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Mudkip Chaos is a series based on the  Pokémon Mudkip and his overpowered laser. Climb through the ranks of each generation to take down all the Pokémon memes and reclaim Mudkip's throne. Can he do it? Does he have what it takes? Does anyone even care? Find out in this ridiculous adventure!

This game is NOT GG-EZ. You can't just damage boost through. As stages progress, timing and precision will become more important. There are also hidden stages. If you find them all there is a completion bonus. 

Background: Years ago when "I herd u leik mudkipz" was still a relevant meme, I made a game called Mudkip Chaos. I put maybe 3 hours into it as a joke game. It was loaded with game breaking bugs, but was entertaining. The original was Mudkip vs. Communist Mudkip's, featured no story, broken game mechanics, and was a puzzle styled movement game (a platformer without gravity or... platforms). About a year later I made a second one as a joke between me and my friends. It featured minor improvements, but was still the same broken game. It had different boss fights and some good music, but was still awful. I just thought it would be funny to tell everyone I made a working version of the game only for them to find out it's just as bad. It was, in case you were wondering. The second one took maybe 8 hours over the course of a weekend. Most of that time was spent finding sprite sheets and music. It had a sad attempt at a story, which was intentional to add to the joke. The main boss of this game was the "Thunder Chief," which was just a Lanturn that shot lightning in a straight line and threw Chinchou's at you. It was also super difficult and heavily RNG based. 

It's been maybe 7 years or so since Mudkip Chaos 2. I lost both files, so if you don't believe these atrocities exist, you can put on your inspector gadget gear and google it in an act of desperation. This game is not like the first two. It is a legitimate attempt at making a game that's good and functional, but also bad because of the overabundance of memes.

I worked on this for about 4 hours a day over the course of 6 weeks.  The storyline, if you can call it that, is entirely open to the imagination, and nothing to be taken seriously. This game has different enemies in each world, has been debugged multiple times, has hidden levels, tons of edited sprites and songs, adjusted volumes to work for those who are nearly deaf and those with baby ears, has been researched for historical accuracy, and ultimately is a true platformer game. There is no volume control or pause/save feature as the game can be completed within an hour or two, and changing the volume would ruin the atmosphere, feel, *insert bs excuse here,* and a lot of things are audio based whether you realize it or not. It would screw things up to affect the master volume. Might not be fully functional on OS other than Windows, but should run fine if you can load .exe files. It has simple controls, tropes from eachgeneration, and fairly linear levels packed with difficult enemies. Everything is explained in the first level, and is completely optional if you don't like constant hand holding. Either way the game ended up better than I expected, and runs smoothly. I should have worked with different sprite sizes to cut back on the file size, but it was too late when I realized that. Oops. Anyway, enjoy this free game. By that I mean give me your $$$ plz, I need a new car. S E L L O U T Kthxbai.

Install instructions

This game was made with Game Maker Studio. You will likely need the Game Maker installer. Everything is included, just follow the prompts and it should just run.



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